From Fuzzy to Fine

Published: 03rd May 2011
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When vision starts to fade or become fuzzy, the morning newspaper needs to be held farther away, the computer screen moved back and headaches may appear with alarming regularity. Thatís when we begin the inevitable journey to the eye doctorís office. You squint at boards with letters arranged in different sizes, the doctor shines a piercing light into your eyes and squints into them, and all sorts of other dark room experiments are conducted.

At the end of the process, we come out clutching a pair of reading glasses or a container of contact lenses. Letís see what happened to Sam who chose to look distinguished in a pair of square-shaped glasses. He thought theyíd give his appearance a little sophistication, and so along with being trendy, he would be taken more seriously by everyone around him.

Everything was fine for a day or two, other than a slightly weird feeling of fractured eyesight, and then the nose pads on the glasses began to itch. A little at first, but then unbearably! Especially as the weather grew warmer. He kept losing them too, and had to hunt around the house for them. Once he accidentally sat on them, and from then on, they always hung slightly askew. The glasses smudged-up at the slightest touch, fogged-up if the temperature changed, and didnít get along with his designer sunglasses.

Completely exasperated, he marched back to his eye doctor and asked for a change. Detailed measurements were taken of his eye and then he was given a free pair of trial contacts to try out. It was as if a weight had been lifted. He hadnít even realized how heavy his head had been feeling all the while. The world looked bright and clear, he had his peripheral vision back and he could even wear his Gucci shades with his contact lenses!

He went right back to ask for more. It was quite difficult to choose from the incredible variety of contact lenses available. There are the ones that can be disposed every day, once a week, once a month or even ones that can be worn while you sleep. There are contacts for the nearsighted, the farsighted, and even for blurry, unfocussed vision. A contact lens may also come with built-in UV ray and moisture protection. You can even change your eye color if you so choose. Thereís a lens customized to nearly every lifestyle.

Sam is now the proud owner of a box of moisture-enhanced extended wear contact lenses. He almost never takes them off and goes though life in exactly the same way as before his vision blurred. He has, however, deepened his eye color to a rich chocolate brown for that look that makes his wife melt.

Authorís Bio:
John Menon is a kindergarden teacher who teaches Grade 9 and a pottery enthusiast with a keen interest in health issues. Eye health is of particular interest to him as he started wearing spectacles at age 15 and then subsequently switched to contact lenses.

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